30-day challenge
Ever wanted to walk in another person’s shoes?
For some time I’ve been promising myself to try out the illustration styles of other artists that I admire. I wanted to experiment and see what effects I can achieve with styles I don’t normally use. So I set myself a 30-day challenge: to illustrate the same subject every day for 30 days, using 30 different styles.
My interpretation of ‘style’ is quite loose. It can mean the medium used, the way the medium is used, or the feeling evoked by the illustration. I chose the photograph of a woman’s face as the subject for the project. The photograph is a shot of model Chrissy Bruzzese (Facebook / LinkedIn) that I took over a year ago.
Some of the illustrations worked. Some clearly didn’t. But I only made one attempt at each style – with the exception of some quick sketches for the projects. If it didn’t work I just chalked it up to experience and moved on to the next style on the following day. Some of the images began in different places, but ended up looking similar because my own style preferences kicked in and took over. Some days I spent only half an hour on an illustration. At other times the work occupied the whole day.
After a month of drawing obsessively I now have a much better understanding of which styles will work for me and which won’t. Some of these styles are worth pursuing and I will definitely be using them on future projects.
Here are the resulting pieces, warts and all. You can decide for yourselves which ones are successful. 

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