My name is Lynore Avery.  
I don't like labels. Sometimes I call myself an illustrator, at other times an artist, and sometimes a graphic designer. Some of the work I do sits comfortably in one of those boxes, but more often than not the work refuses to stay put in one box and crosses over into another. 
What I do like is stories. I like art which contains a narrative. For me, making art is a way of bringing stories to life. My work contains recurring themes of folk tales and legends, dreams and archetypes – stories which are common to all people and which awaken recognition within all of us. I want my work to show those stories with a different perspective, a new way of seeing. 
My background is in fine art and graphic design. I’m constantly trying to reconcile these two disciplines, to find a balance between the freedom and immediacy of drawing, and the precision and flexibility that comes with digital work. My illustrations push and pull to find the balance between these two opposing disciplines. 
Working with paper, ink and pastel, I combine collage with digital painting and vector illustration. I've also been known to experiment with paper, wood, thread and barbed wire.  
I live and work in Sydney, Australia.

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