My name is Lynore Avery. I am bild images. 
I don't like labels. Sometimes I call myself an illustrator, at other times an artist, and sometimes a graphic designer. Some of the work I do sits comfortably in one of those boxes, but more often than not the work refuses to stay put in one box and crosses over into another. 
What I do like is stories. I like art which contains a narrative. For me, making art is a way of bringing stories to life. My work contains recurring themes of folk tales and legends, dreams and archetypes – stories which are common to all people and which awaken recognition within all of us. I want my work to show those stories with a different perspective, a new way of seeing. 
My background is in fine art and graphic design. I’m constantly trying to reconcile these two disciplines, to find a balance between the freedom and immediacy of drawing, and the precision and flexibility of computer-generated images. I like to make work by hand but I often add digital elements to my drawings. My weapons of choice are ink, pencil and pastel but I've been known to experiment with paper, wood, thread and barbed wire.  
I live and work in Sydney, Australia. I take commissions for illustration work. 
You can see my graphic design work at

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