You are what you eat. 
This illustration was originally a contest entry. The contest brief was to produce artwork showing five or more full body figures based on AdorkaStock models. All the figures in the composition are drawn from poses featuring the same model.  
Why choose a Constructivist style? This type of composition gives an impression of motion in several directions across the page, and the foreshortened main figure suggests depth as we look down at the model. This motion in multiple directions creates a feeling of disorientation and movement through space, a space into which all the minor figures are falling. 
After doing initial studies by hand, I created vector artwork and then added photographic textures and colour. 
A big thank you to Sakky at AdorkaStock who provided the model references for this work. This print is for sale on TeePublic
Detail 1
Detail 2
Initial study
Second study
This print is for sale on Society6

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