Since prehistoric times labyrinths have been powerful symbols in the human psyche. When I see the image of a labyrinth something resonates within me. Labyrinths are the paths we walk through our lives; they are a descent (or an ascent) into something that is hidden within us; they are fragile constructions which may unravel at any moment and plunge us into the unknown.
The labyrinth is a visual representation of the search for identity. Its ultimate meaning is determined by you, the viewer.
Created for the group show, 'The Path less Deconstructed'.
.M Contemporary gallery, Sydney, Australia. December 2013–January 2014
The Labyrinth
Initial rough study done from photographic collage
Stencil used to underpaint the Minotaur
Preparatory study
The nails go into the final piece
detail 1
detail 2
detail 3 (the thread is added)
The Labyrinth

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